Thursday, 17 May 2012

Final Project Evaluation

Group work: I feel as though I myself have worked well within in the group. There have been people who have not pulled their weight the whole way throught the project, and I felt Steph, Claire and I carried the rest of the group on occasions. By the end of the project however everyone did pull together and we managed to create some really exciting work.

Own Project Development: I was a bit slow getting into the project but I think that is because it was 10 weeks long so the sense of panick wasn't there from the begining. Once I had got started I found a topic I was able to stick to easily and carry on into made and drawn material. The crochet, atex and cotton wool samples I created evolved and moved on to a point until I realised we just needed bulk rather than beauty for the final filming and I was taking too much time over each one. The slow hand processes I used reflected the 'slow is beautiful' idea and I felt really connected to that idea for the future through actually doing it.

Contextual research: As a group the artist research was really interesting and pushed the ideas from the beginning, however each person still had very different ideas of where the project was going and the research reflected that and sent us in far too many different directions. Once we had found the Andrew Huang video and been to visit microbiology to collect our own photos, I didn't feel the need to research into the art world any further for inspiration as our work would have started to look like theris and too may more ideas would have arisen which we wouldn't have had time to deal with.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Final Film!

Final Film! This piece of music was chosen because we tried out a lot of sound effects and nothing seemed to flow or sound quite right, especially on movie maker. This song has elements of small sound effects which fit in well, and the overall makeup of the song (which Kes added to the group blog) fits in with the changing of speed of our video. It builds up as the mould builds up on the body. The song 'Children' by Robert Miles is also looking forward to the future and what the future will bring us. I feel this movie relates to the initial brief because we are acting as 'help agents' for prople to see what the problems are, and it is linked so closely to 'slow is beautiful'.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The group editing together

                                             A group photo of us all at the end of a long day!!!

Tuesday: editing the film, 4 hours on from this photo we were still editing...and the next morning!! A really big effort, which has paid off because we managed to finish everything!

My final samples

 Latex samples. These represent the agar plate and the area on which mould grows. I added paint and cotton wool to these as they were drying to create more texture and to show the idea of organisms growing onto a medium.
 Cotton wool samples. I made a lot of these near the end of the project because I had simply rolled them in water and paint so they were easy and quick to make. This was useful because we needed to bulk up the amount of samples towards the end. I also embroidered into them which I love, but they were time consuming and the camera didn't pick up the detail ayway.
 Crocheted circle samples. These were used to bulk up the amount of samples by the end because they were small and quick to make. These are just a few of them, I made about one hundred in all.
 Crocheted and french knot samples. I loved making these because they were a different technique and showed skill, and aso linked in with the slow in beautiful theme thrugh the slow hand processes used.

 Cotton wool buds and paint. These were good as they tied in the surgical and sterile element of our ideas and the idea of adding paint represented the contaminating of Gavin's lab in Microbiology with our mould growths.
A quick overall image of all the samples I managed to make in the time. I feel as though I made a lot of the samples when others maybe didn't feel it as important to make as many. I  am glad I did though because the overall film really benefitted from a substantial amount of samples to play with.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Stop motion: part of the final film

Stop motion of what we were filming from above. It's jumpy because we couldn't keep the camera in the same place and we didn't take a photo each time a sample was added, but it still shows the way the samples grow and gives an idea of how the film is.

Stop motion fits in so well with our idea of 'slow is beautiful' and how a slow peocess can be an incredibly beautiful one. Stop motion films are so time consuming to make, but they are so worth while. You feel a part of every stop  frame, because you took them individually and moved the sample every time. It's a  deeper connection to your movie than something that is filmed on a video camera.

First day of filming final film

 These were our samples before we started filmin. So proud of all the samples we were able to produce!

       Jess H standing in the whits suit ready to film the samples climbing over her.  She didn't get out of the suit for 4 hours, of standing in the same position!! Very proud, not sure I could have done that. We should have paid someone else to do, also we should have had someone smaller because of Jess being so tall it took longer to fill her with the samples.

 Emilia, Steph and Jess who put the samples on the Jess with me whilst Claire took the photos. There was amazing light coming through Steph's lounge windows.

 Emilia and Jess B placing the samples onto Jess H. It was time-consuming to attach bevause we had to pin each sample individually onto the suit. Some samples were also really heavy and the pins didn;t hold them particularly well.

Image through the Microscope

I like the way there is a dark circle around the image. This could work well in the film to suggest an agar plate.